Sunday, January 24, 2010


what if it was said that all good things don't come to an end

what if it was possiBle to find true love - and make it last forever

what if TRUTH was as common as fame, love, money, and lies

what if society as a whole decided to do away with hatred in all forms

what if loss was never a possiBility

what if death never came

what if war ended, for good

what if people could come to a common agreement to love - without expectations

what if unconditional compassion was granted to all of mankind

what if it came to pass that no human judgement was allowed upon our people

what if every child Born never went hungry for one second of their entire life

what if everyone shared their story - and everyone listened

what if every Broken dream could Be restored

what if every Broken home could Be mended

what if people never learned how to kill each other

what if mothers taught their children to love - first, aBove anything else

what if fathers never left their families

what if drugs and alcohol were never created

what if every human Being alive had hope

what if we all had the hearts and minds of givers

what if we all rememBered to Be grateful to our creator - in every Breath

what if we all loved and respected the Beauty of the nature around us

what if pain and suffering in all forms was alleviated

what if LOVE conquered all - unselfish, unconditional, true love

what if we were Born with the knowledge of what love truly is - without question

what if human families defended/loved each other as much as wild animals do

what if we all stood up against the power of darkness in all of our lives




-s.mcnames - 08.31.08

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

just sayin

here then gone -

spreading lies, hatred, hurt -

God bless the soul of the one who throws

bricks in the path of a child - causing them

to stumble -

Thursday, October 30, 2008

lets practice compassion

lets practice compassion
i guess there are many things that are, for the main part, socially unacceptable to speak about. a main one would be any type of fault. negative things are hard to swallow, so we, as a culture, avoid them at all costs. but, i personally think it's good, and crucial, to embrace these things. things that aren't easy. struggles. and one of the biggest faults that mankind as a whole is guilty of, in my opinion, would be the lack of compassion we have for one another. it burdens me. we live in an age where friendship and loyalty have turned so fickle, that there is no determining hardly if you've got an army of friends or enemies standing by your side! i don't believe it was meant to be that way. i believe we are designed and created to hold each other up. help each other. love one another. things like that. and these things are so simple. yet so uncommon. but, vital. i have to remember, that no matter what is going wrong or right in my life, i am absolutely unaware of the circumstances of yours. therefore - how in the world could i judge you, or treat you with disrespect. for all i know, my neighbor's entire world could be falling to pieces and all he needs is to smile. i can help with that, right? there are alot of things in this life that are out of our control. but one thing IN our control - is our attitude, our approach - let's practice compassion today

Saturday, October 11, 2008

people would pay millions

beautiful souls. tragic eyes. geniune love. tainted by this world. cold. pathetic world.

passion misplaced. feelings no longer alive. numb. genius. the best soul you'd ever meet. days are numbered.

she loves so deep. but she bleeds deep too. problems arise.

she wishes she could fix this world. knows she can't. it burdens her deeper than anyone will ever know.

she wants to look up. forward. better days. but something tells her its a waste.

she listens to the latter. she leaves this world far before her time. she shall be remembered
mainly for her passion.

people would pay millions to have that spark she had in her eye. it will not be forgotten.

Friday, October 10, 2008


the scars speak of a silence that words could not interpret

the blade cut straight through to the anger that the world could not hold

the cries were not for love, yet safety

she wouldn't stand abandonment once more

the hope is that the sadness will soon fade

unlike the scars, anger can disappate

unlike anger, hope can heal wounds

there's a boldness in speaking of tradgedy

in the thought that one soul might be spared of such injuries

you weren't there that night - no one was

but she made it through - somehow

hope is alive to her now - rescue happened

today she smiles, through the pain

knowing that the scars might fade

knowing she's not alone

resolve - most don't have it

the only time of the day he could quiet the noise was the second the bottle was empty. then it was temporary silence. until of course another bottle was consumed. he wondered if it was possible to silence the pain without the bottle. but those thoughts lingered only shortly. he knew there was more out there. but to reach it seemed absolutely impossible. and it is. this world seemed too sad for him. as if he belonged elsewhere. he often pondered this. felt too deep for this life. it wasn't really for him. the liquor only confirms this ideation. and of course everyone in his life had opinions too. do this. don't do that. move here. believe in our God. get new friends. endless "answers." but he couldn't help but notice something. all of the ones with the opinions had no better luck figuring this life out themselves. they simply surrendered to the fact that "things are the way they are." but, this isn't enough for him. he wants the answer......or he wants out. pretty simple actually. makes more sense than most. i guess it's called RESOLVE

Friday, October 3, 2008

so it shall be

when i saw you . walk away from . everything you had -
that night i watched you . set it all down . never to look back -
i witnessed a breakdown . with nobody around . to help you break your fall -
it was a tragedy . things that you could not see . taking your feet off the ground -
and now that it's said and done . the person you have become -
is something i won't forget -
unfolding the story is . could not get much worse than this -
the ending is left unknown -